Volunteering Session on “MOCK INTERVIEWS”.

Volunteering Session on “MOCK INTERVIEWS”.

Volunteering Session on “MOCK INTERVIEWS”.

We would like to express a profound gratitude for the invaluable session (MOCK INTERVIEWS), contribution and your precious time to provide your volunteer services for the development of the youth.  Our beneficiaries gained an indispensable experience to understand/reflect on their non-verbal and verbal communication abilities. Apart from boosting confidence and reducing their stress and anxiety, it provided an opportunity for the beneficiaries to make mistakes and work on correcting them in a safe working environment. 

We deeply appreciate the initiation of Gouri Prasad MP . He showcased a high level of patience, enthusiasm and courtesy in answering the queries of the most inquisitive beneficiaries. 

Our sincere thanks for supporting us @Hysea and @ Nirmaan

Kindly Join us as a volunteer and extend your hands to support the needy.

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