Seed To Soil


Enabling residents of Hyderabad to give back to nature what they get from nature.

Our Objectives

To bring together multiple stakeholders to contribute towards maintaining the forest cover of Telangana, and restoring it by rejuvenating degraded forests.


The Seed to Soil project is powered by Nirmaan Organization and it brings together various stakeholders to protect and rejuvenate the forest cover of Telangana. This is done through a three pronged approach involving- Awareness-
where urban dwellers are introduced to the need for forest cover, the link between nature and man, and the native and non- native flora of the state Adoption- where multiple stakeholders are engaged in collection of seeds of native
trees, making and dispersing seedballs, and tree plantation and nurturing Action- where multiple stakeholders, including local communities are mobilized to ensure the protection of the forest cover.

Program Description

Nirmaan Organization will engage with various stakeholders to deliver the different components of this program.

A. Seedball dispersal and maintenance of the forest cover

The project involves collecting seeds of native trees, preparing and dispersing seedballs in degraded forests, and working with multiple stakeholders to ensure that the forests are protected. This is a multi year projects which will
be conducted in two phases (a) Pilot Phase – in the pilot phase, seed ball dispersal was conducted during the monsoon season in 2020. We will track the germination of the seeds, the survival of the seedlings and the health of the
saplings, and learn lessons from them. (b) Phase 2 – based on the experience from the Pilot Phase, we will take the project further on a much larger scale. In this phase, we will engage volunteers from across the city, and will
attempt to create an Army of Green Warriors who will protect the Environment.

B.Nature Conservancy

The project involves introducing urban dwellers to nature, so they can better understand the man-nature dynamics and actively work to protect the green cover of Telangana. The awareness will be conducted virtually through webinairs
and podcasts, and also by running nature conservancy events.

Key Activities

 Collection of seeds from the forest, done with the help of Council for Green Revolution
 Engaging volunteers to prepare seedballs, done with the help of Vandemataram Foundation
 Engaging volunteers to disperse seedballs in the Kadtal Forest Reserve near Hyderbad

Team Involved

Natasha Ramarathnam
Ashwaq Ahmed

Major Partners

Cyberabad PoliceSociety for Cyberabad Security CouncilVandemataram Foundation
Council for Green RevolutionAikyatha Initiative