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Nirmaan Organization is a registered NGO, We work in the areas of Education, Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Health and Wellbeing, Community Development and Social Leadership, In the past 18 years of journey, we have impacted the lives of 2.5+ million beneficiaries with the support of 500+ full time employees and 1000+ strong volunteer network, through various impact-oriented Flagship Programs & Social Leadership Initiatives benefiting Children, Women, Youth, Persons with Disabilities (PwDs), LGBTQ+ and Farmers from diverse social backgrounds across 22 States of India while partnering with 200+ Corporate, Government and Philanthropic partners. we have our presence in USA, UK, Australia, Singapore & UAE.

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The idea of serving the underprivileged has been the seed for Nirmaan.

Where people hesitate to tread their steps towards service, a group of students from BITS Pilani initiated the voluntary efforts to serve the needy people from the lower strata. They started teaching to the children of mess workers and construction labor and used to visit local villagers. One day, Kashiram Ka, their regular student, who worked as a Rikshawala, didn’t appear in the gathering. Wondered, the students visited his home and ended up with an epiphany on the conditions of life in the village of Pilani. The Riskshawala had met with an accident and was bed ridden. His girl child had to drop out to help her mother in day to day work, they couldn’t afford medical care nor proper food – they were eating roti that is cooked days ago.

This encounter left a lasting impact on the students and motivated them to explore deeper on one’s responsibility for a better tomorrow for others and the nation. Back to the Campus, the group announced a meet-up for those who wanted to contribute to the Nation. The group was pleasantly surprised to see 150+ students dropping in, realizing the very fact that ‘we are NOT ALONE’.

The ignited hearts didn’t give up after the passing out of their studies. Placed across the country in various MNCs, the graduates continued the Spirit by identifying various initiatives in and around their respective locations, formed Chapters, inspired their colleagues, raised funds and started volunteering during weekends.

Thus, ‘My India’, a humble passion driven initiative by a group of 10 students evolved into ‘Nirmaan’ in 2007 as a Registered Society with the motto ‘We Have Only One passion, The Rise of a Great Nation’. Since then, it has grown multifold and has reached out to 5+ lakh people in 8 states of India, with the financial and moral support of people from various walks of life viz., Philanthropists, Technocrats, Artists, Entrepreneurs, Social Activists, Social Science Experts and last but not least funding partners.

Nirmaan Causes and Programs

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