Support For Gov Hospitals

Program description:

Nirmaan is working on this health emergency by supporting primary health centres and covid designated hospitals at hyderabad The main focus is on supporting the patients from underprivileged communities and on reducing the burden and stress on government hospitals and health centres. Few of the requirements are Setting up extra ICU beds, Supply oxygen concentrators, Support with human resources like staff nurses, lab technicians, ward boys, patient care providers, data entry operators etc


 TIMS Hospital Kondapur Govt Hospital Gandhi Hospital Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital


Telangana institute of medical sciences, Gachibowli

Equipment Details:

Sl.noParticularsUnitsDelivery dateDonor
1Infrared thermometer506th MayArcesium
2Syringe pumps106th May Arcesium
3NIBP cuffs2006th MayNot mapped
4Oxygen hose pipes106th MayArcesium
5Glucometers506th MayArcesium
6Digital BP apparatus206th MayArcesium
7Nebulizer206th MayColryut
8Dead body storage freezers 4 bodies17th MayColryut
9Multipara monitors208th MayArcesium And Virtusa


Kondapur Govt Hospital

Equipment Details:

S noParticularsNirmaan SupportedHospital Stock
2Urine pots202
3ICU Fumigation Machines30
4Pedestal Fans102
5Glucometers with strips54
6Inj. LMW. Heparin 40 mg500
7Oxygen Hose Pipes(3 Mts)1030
8Inj. Enoxaparin 40mg – 100 Qty2. Ink. Taxim 1gm1000
9Cardiac trolley50


Staffing Details:

S noDesignationHospital staffNirmaan Supported Staff
1Staff Nurse248
2Lab Technicians24
3Data Entry Operators24
4Multipurpose Workers25
5Security Guards62


Gandhi Hospital

Equipment Details:

S noParticularsNirmaan SupportedDonor
1CPAP Masks100UST
2Oxygen Flow Meter43UST
4Bed Sheets100UST
5N95 Masks5034UST


Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital

Equipment Details:

S noParticularsNirmaan SupportedDonor
13 ply masks3500Teach Mahindra
2N95 masks2000Teach Mahindra
3Sanitizer (litres)250 ltsTeach Mahindra
4Infrared thermometers6Teach Mahindra
5Pulse oximeter (fingertip)10Teach Mahindra
6PPE kits500Teach Mahindra
7Examination gloves box(mediuma and large)240 boxesTeach Mahindra
8Patient cots+ mattress50 setsTeach Mahindra