Threads Of Hope


Every woman to have an equal opportunity to lead an empowered life

Our Objectives

To provide a platform for underprivileged women to design, manufacture and market their products and earn a decent livelihood

Program Description

Threads of Hope provides a platform for underprivileged women to create, promote and market various hand-made products like candles, bags and jewelery and become economically empowered.

As part of our mission, we place high importance on women empowerment and have taken the route of social empowerment of women through economic independence for our programs. Our Women Skill development centers provide necessary training in various market required skills along with livelihoods support for getting placed in jobs or setting up their businesses.

Taking the program one step further, we have established ‘Threads of Hope’ as a social entreprise. ‘Threads of Hope’ provides a platform for underprivileged women to create, promote and market various hand-made products and become economically empowered. During initial phase, we have setup a production unit in Borabanda, Hyderabad where we are producing different kinds of bags, candles and jewelry. In future, we are planning to expand to other products.

We want to ensure all our products meet the following criterion





We have setup stalls at various Corporate Offices to display the various handmade products (clothes, jewelry, home decor items). We are also exploring opportunities to collaborate with other like-minded organizations to support more women through marketing and distribution of their products.

Key Activities

 Create market focussed products at production centers

 Promote the products at various venues like stalls at offices, malls and markets

Our Impact

We have been supporting 10 women directly as part of this program

Team Involved

Swati Vempati

Lakshmi Setty

Recent Activities

 Successfully processed an order for 1000 bags for BITSAA Global Meet event in Jan 2020

How can you support

Want to help sustain women entrepreneurs?


If you are in need of customized bags/candles/jewelry etc for festivities and corporate gifting?



If you have product designing experience you can teach our women entreprenuers


If you have spare good quality cloth materials like sarees and dupattas consider donating to us