Volunteering Session on “Interpersonal Skills ” .

Volunteering Session on “Interpersonal Skills ” .

Volunteering Session on “Interpersonal Skills ” .

“As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way.”

-Hary Anne Radmacher

The above saying is true with CGI. CGI volunteers are contributing their hours to train our aspirants on various aspects of Soft Skills. We @Niramaan Organization @ Kukatpally take this opportunity to express our gratitude towards CGI. For their time and effort.

@Pushpak @CGI has taken a volunteering session on Interpersonal Skills. During those 2 hours of the briefing, he taught our aspirants on what exactly are interpersonal skills, how can they showcase these skills at the workplace and how their diet and sleep can affect their interpersonal skills. It was a really can information session. 

We extend our warm welcome to everyone to spread their light to others by taking volunteering sessions.

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