Success Story of Chekuri Kumar Raju

Success Story of Chekuri Kumar Raju

Success Story of Chekuri Kumar Raju


Chekuri Kumar Raju, from a family of 4, where his father is a carpenter, has seen pamphlet and grasped that he could improve his skills by pursuing the ITES Course and got enrolled in ADP NIRMAAN ORGANIZATION, AMEERPET and enriched his confidence.

    In the course of his training Chekuri Kumar Raju, has promoted his potential and positive behavior had shown excellent dedication in acquiring knowledge about the ITES, and had amended his English which uplifted his spirit. Chekuri Kumar Raju is working as a Field Executive in SM Jewelers with CTC of Rs. 1, 44000 p.a.


ADP NIRMAAN ORGANIZATION, AMEERPET is successful to see Chekuri Kumar Raju emergent in his endeavors that had transformed his life making him stand tall and strong on the turf.

I work in SM Jewelers as Field Executive to support my family but had a desire that I should do something which could help me to achieve success that’s when I have known about this tremendous program and got inspired through their idea of contributing to youth. I am so grateful to ADP NIRMAAN ORGANIZATION, AMEERPET for their wonderful support on me-Chekuri Kumar Raju (Aspirant)


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