Session on “Environment”

Session on “Environment”

Session on “Environment”

Protecting our nature is one of the most important activities in our life. We, Nirmaan, started our footsteps in the environment in 2019 with a seed to soil program. Later we planned for making a sustainable future and came up with Green Hope – Kitchen garden program, rainwater harvesting, sustainable agriculture, lake conservation/restoration program. We have also done a third party Audit for HMWSSB 2022-2023.

In our recent lake cleaning program at Pragathi nagar lake, with 450+ volunteers for 3 days, we collected 2.5 tons of plastic and waste and sent it for recycling. Also, we have planted 270 saplings. The lake cleaning process doesn’t end here! We are also in the process of educating people in conserving the lakes, working along with local administration in keeping surroundings clean and maintaining ecological balance.

We have also started mass tree plantation both in Telangana and Karnataka. If you wish to contribute and be part of our journey for creating a greener environment, please do visit our kitchen garden fundraising page by clicking

We are grateful to both the dignitaries and the volunteers for your immense contribution for a greener and sustainable future!

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