Nirmaan Chat Bhandar at Fateh Nagar

Nirmaan Chat Bhandar at Fateh Nagar

Nirmaan Chat Bhandar at Fateh Nagar

“The story of Nirmaan Chat Bhandar!”

The Nirmaan team was taken aback when they met Anita Gupta in front of the Nirmaan Skill Center in Fateh Nagar and saw her running a pani puri stall. Despite having received ITES training and being offered a placement as a Hindi teacher, Anita and her husband had lost their jobs during the COVID pandemic and faced financial difficulties. To make ends meet, Anita borrowed money to start her new pani puri business.

However, during Project Bhagyalaxmi’s need assessment process, Anita was identified as a promising micro-entrepreneur due to her confidence and ambition to not only grow her business, but also empower other women by providing employment opportunities. This unexpected support request was met with surprise by the selection panel.

True to her word, Anita not only expanded her pani puri business from earning Rs. 300/- per day to a thriving chat bhandar that made Rs. 1000/- per day (a three-fold increase), but also provided employment to another woman. Her husband, who used to work as a daily wage laborer, was inspired by her success and now supports her full-time in her business ventures.

As a token of gratitude for the skills and livelihood opportunities provided by Nirmaan Organization, Anita named her chat bhandar “Nirmaan Chat Bhandar.”

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