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Chirec International School

Chirec International School

On 25th Feb 2022, 36 Livelihood Support kits (sewing machines) were distributed to women beneficiaries from Nirmaan’s Vocational Training Center at #FatehNagar. The funds for this project were raised by 13 students of Grades 8 and 9 CAIE from CHIREC International School to support underprivileged women who could not afford to buy a sewing machine to start their livelihood after completing their tailoring course. Widows, single mothers, abandoned women, divorcees, and financially weak women were supported through this noble initiative.

The project was implemented by Nirmaan Organization with Fueladream as the fundraising partner. We sincerely acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of the CHIREC International School management in inculcating the social and moral values among students.

The Principal, International Section Ms.Sanchita Raha and Ms.Mohseena Hussain CAS Coordinator attended the virtual event. Speaking on the occasion, Ms.Raha commended the efforts of the students and thanked Nirmaan for identifying and undertaking the distribution of the sewing machines to the deserving and the needy.

A big shout out to the following students who helped in mobilizing the funds for the amazing initiative.

Aditya Sarabhai, Akhilesh Palakodeti, Aanya Bansal, Ayaan, Prabhav Dabriwal, Shruti Goparaju, Sanika Bihani, Pranay Gupta, Kiaraa Gupta, Nisha Sriram, Prisha Agarwal, Nanda Pranav Chigakkagari, and Smrithi Reddy Chennuru

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