Impact Hiring Project

The Impact Hiring Program is a visionary initiative aimed at providing unemployed youth from underprivileged and economically weaker sections with opportunities to secure their dream jobs.

Supported by Microsoft, the program takes a transformative approach, particularly empowering marginalized communities such as women, persons with disabilities (PwD), LGBTQ+ individuals, and economically disadvantaged individuals. The program establishes Hiring Hubs, which serve as platforms to connect skilled youth with potential employers. By offering guidance, support, and access to the job market, the program seeks to foster economic and social empowerment among the beneficiaries.

The Impact Hiring Program's ultimate goal is to positively impact the lives of 8000 underprivileged individuals across India, contributing to the country's youth employment landscape and promoting inclusivity and diversity. The program's implementation spans six locations in India,

Our locations in India

Key activities of the program include forming Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with various government departments such as Skill Development, PWD, and Tribal Welfare, among others. Additionally, the program establishes partnerships with employers and NGOs to create better employability opportunities for the youth. Regular job drives are organized in collaboration with government bodies, NGOs, and government colleges to facilitate the hiring process.

Through its multi-faceted approach, the Impact Hiring Program by Nirmaan is committed to making a lasting difference by providing underprivileged youth with access to better employment opportunities and ultimately contributing to a more inclusive and promising future for all.