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Support Nirmaan in our endeavour to reach every person who is in need and build a happy Nation free of any inequity that exists!

Last few years while the impact created increased multi-fold and we hired talent on a need basis, we were with limited finances which left scope for strengthening our organization to sustain and scale up the impact

The organization grew in terms of team(500+ full timers) and the volunteers engaged in the work with beneficiaries to reach a stable level. There are few operations in the organization which is done on an ad-hoc basis The technology and digitals tools used being used for our operations have limitations with respect to delivering a quick turnaround and further handle the growing teams as well as growing impact without any possibility of errors.

Also, the new normal set by the recent pandemic made us understand that digital transformation and strengthening of few operations is the key to sustaining the impact, growing team, and their aspirations. If the challenges mentioned are not addressed, the impact created to date may be derailed if would be difficult to sustain it further and follow the growth trajectory. If the key functions and operations is not strengthened at this point of time with the required inputs, the preparedness and transformation would be difficult. It would also undertake a much longer time to attain the set goals.

We have undertaken steps to address the above problems in the form of micro-pilots within teams and pilots at the organization level.

  • We have undertaken capacity needs assessment at the individual team's levels, gaps assessment at the organization & leadership level.
  • Mapped the aspirations of the core team and extended teams to bring everyone on the same page and share a collective dream.
  • Mapped the projects based on the current status, criticality in moving ahead in realizing the shared dreams, sustainability of individual projects, source of recurring finances, the interest and support shown by the donors etc.

We aim to strengthen and transform ourselves digitally and institutionally to become a more resilient organization and multiply the impact quickly through this fundraiser of 1 mn$.

  • i) Add/create robust digital tools/ software’s and human resources for our operations and fundraising
  • ii) Strengthen the digital signature of our National Giveback Movement to encourage individual donors to giveback
  • iii) upgrade our capacities

Request to support us to continue the Nation Building. Support us to support everyone in their need or aspirations
and build a happy and sustainable society