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Support for Rural Development

The development of villages holds the key to a progressive India. With approximately 800 million villagers, India's path to economic growth relies on sustainable village development through the provision of urban amenities in rural areas (PURA). Currently, our initiative has adopted 11 villages in Telangana, focusing on physical, electronic, knowledge, and economic connectivity to foster growth. We have implemented our program in 6 villages, resulting in remarkable changes such as increased income levels and improved education enrollment. By transforming villages into model communities with access to water, livelihoods, education, and connectivity, we're contributing to poverty alleviation and comprehensive rural advancement.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

How is Nirmaan helping?

Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam's poignant assertion that the development of villages is tantamount to the progress of the entire nation resonates deeply in India's journey toward economic advancement. Given that nearly 800 million individuals inhabit rural areas, channeling efforts toward their sustainable development emerges as a pivotal strategy for the country's growth trajectory. The concept of providing urban amenities in rural areas (PURA) assumes a central role, aiming to bridge the gap between urban and rural living standards.

Our commitment to this transformative vision is evidenced by our initiatives in Telangana, where we have adopted 11 villages with a focus on essential infrastructure, connectivity, and education. By extending electronic and knowledge connectivity alongside physical amenities, these villages are poised to become centers of growth, harnessing the potential of their inhabitants to contribute to India's economic resurgence. The incremental rollout of our program over the course of 3 years, commencing with a single village and scaling up to six, underscores our dedication to ensuring lasting change.

The impact of our endeavors becomes vividly apparent when examining the case of villages like Divyaguda and Balanagar. Through livelihood support and comprehensive interventions, Divyaguda has witnessed a notable rise in income levels, effectively transforming into a poverty-free village with a per capita income surpassing the poverty line. Similarly, Balanagar's progress showcases the power of education enhancement through digital infrastructure. Enrollment rates have surged, dropout rates have dropped, and the educational landscape has taken on a more vibrant hue.

Moreover, the creation of a conducive learning environment extends beyond classrooms. Adult literacy programs, IT-enabled classrooms, and digital labs in villages like Petralchenu demonstrate our commitment to lifelong learning. The steady participation of adults in learning activities and the steady use of provided systems by students attest to the transformative potential of holistic interventions. As we continue our endeavor, we remain in our belief that the development of villages is the cornerstone of a resurgent and dynamic India.