Support for Persons with Disabilities

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Support for Persons with Disabilities

Our PWD (Persons with Disabilities) program is dedicated to enhancing the skills and employability of underprivileged youth with disabilities. Our approach emphasizes market-oriented training and comprehensive support, encompassing skill-building, motivational sessions, mock interviews, and exposure visits. Inclusive infrastructure at our Skill Development Centers caters to diverse disabilities, addressing unemployment challenges. Industry-specific training, such as tele-calling and communication, aligns with market demands. In the Financial Year 2022-2023, we impacted 2,368 individuals through 10 projects. Our collaboration with HYSEA underscores our commitment to diversity, discussing the impact hiring and skill development's role in creating an inclusive environment. The event emphasized corporate and government roles, partnerships, and assistive technology for a sustainable future.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

How is Nirmaan helping?

Our PWD (Persons with Disabilities) program is dedicated to equipping underprivileged youth with disabilities for a brighter future. Beyond skill-building, we offer a comprehensive approach encompassing motivational sessions, mock interviews, personality development, and exposure visits, fostering a well-rounded transformation. This empowers individuals not only with job-ready skills but also with the confidence vital for success in the professional realm.

Central to our program are Skill Development Centers, designed for inclusivity. With features like ramps, wheelchairs, Braille materials, and assistive technology, our centers provide a nurturing environment for diverse disabilities to thrive.

Our PWD Project Skilling Centers tackle the pressing issue of unemployment among underprivileged youth with disabilities. Through strategic mobilization, comprehensive training, and effective placement strategies, we connect them with job opportunities, enhancing their prospects for sustainable employment. Our curriculum, meticulously crafted with industry experts, offers specialized training in sectors like tele-calling, communication, and client relations, aligning with market demands.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion shines through our collaboration with HYSEA. The recent 'Round Table on Skills and Employability for People with Disabilities,' a partnership between HYSEA and Nirmaan Organization, was a great success. The event fostered insightful discussions on challenges faced by PWD, highlighting the potential of impact hiring and skill development. This underscores the crucial roles of corporates and the government in building an inclusive environment, stressing partnerships and assistive technology's pivotal role.