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Women empowerment

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Goal: USD $100,000.00/-

Last updated on 02 Mar, 2024 02:38 am (IST)

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At the heart of every thriving community lies empowered women. Welcome to “Empower Her”, a campaign dedicated to fostering women empowerment as a catalyst for positive change, breaking down barriers, and fostering equality. We aim to recognize and unleash the potential within every woman, creating a world where they can thrive, contribute, and lead with strength and resilience.

Rajamma: From struggling mother to successful Entrepreneur

Rajamma, once struggling to support her children's education, transformed her life through a vocational tailoring course. Now as a thriving entrepreneur, she runs her own tailoring shop and empowers other women by offering employment opportunities.

Women's need right direction
Our Impact

Afshara Alam: From unemployed student to Community Lifesaver

Afshara, unable to continue studies post-12th grade due to financial constraints after her father's passing, found hope at Nirmaan's vocational training center through a technical course. Today, as an Emergency Response Officer with Telangana Ambulance 108, she earns ₹1.4 lakhs annually, coordinating crucial emergency responses and aiding in saving lives during crises, while supporting her family.

Swati Mahadev Tambe: From Hardships to Economic Independence through Hope

Swati lost her husband in an accident, leaving her to take care of their two children alone. Despite having only studied up to the 10th standard, she joined Nirmaan for a tailoring course. Swati is determined to lift her family out of poverty by sewing clothes efficiently with a state-of-the-art tailoring machine.

Give hope, give skills

Impact created so far:

Since our establishment in 2005, we have supported and empowered many women like Rajamma, Afshara and Swati to lead a better life. With over 31 impactful projects implemented across 13 states, we are proud to have become a catalyst of positive change in the lives of over 700,000 women, and benefitting 10,000 families.

We strongly believe that one of the main routes for women empowerment is through economic independence, hence our initiatives are centered around placement linked skill trainings and market linkages:

  • Vocational Skills Training: Women mastering skills like tailoring now earn an average of ₹6000/month.
  • IT Training: Basic computer training empowers women to earn ₹8000/month.
  • Entrepreneurial Success: Post-training, entrepreneurs earn ₹2000 to ₹4000/month initially, with potential for growth to ₹15000/month.
  • Soft Skills Training: Building confidence in effective communication.

Support Our Cause:

Your contribution of just $30 / ₹2500 for 1 woman for 1 year makes a profound impact! With additional support from other sources, your donation helps us bridge the critical funding gap and provide essential and immediate support to women in need. Additionally, your donation is tax-exempt in the USA (501(c)(3)) and India (80(G)), maximizing the reach of your generosity.

How will your funds be used?

Your donation will directly fund:

  • Vocational Skill Training on market - demanded courses to build Her skills
  • Entrepreneurial Development to enable Her setting up a business.
  • Soft Skills Training to foster Her confidence and resilience.
Our Impact

Track your Impact:

You will receive quarterly impact reports of the women beneficiaries, allowing you to track the usage of the support which you have extended for one year.

Donation is tax exempted in
USA (501(c)(3)) and India (80(G))