"Early Childhood Education is one of the best investments a country can make" -UNESCO



Shiksha Ki Ore is a joint effort between Nirmaan and Santhusta Foundation to advance Early Childhood Education (ECE) as a mainstream opportunity amongst underserved communities in India. 90% of the human brain develops before the age of 5. Skills developed during this time serve as a multiplier and complement for later skills as an adult resulting in improved social skills and enhanced attention span.

However only 38% children in India get access to adequate Early Childhood Education. Less than 55% 6-year olds are able to read letters and only 60% are able to recognise the numbers 1 through 9. In the northern-Indian state of Rajasthan these numbers are amongst the worst in the country at 38% and 43% respectively.

2022 – 2023 PROJECT GOALS

With Nirmaan as the primary execution partner and Santhusta as the primary knowledge partner, Shiksha Ki Ore will scale to 30 communities over 2022-23, providing quality Early Childhood Education to over 600 children in underserved communities of Rajasthan. In addition the program is modeled to hire competent women from the same underserved communities, train and support them to deliver the program and in the process empower them both socially and financially. In 2022-23, the project will work with 15 of such women.

600+ Children


30 undeserved communities of Rajasthan


Training support and empowering 15 women educators within these communities

Donation Progress:

INR 3,48,308/-  raised

Goal: INR 30,00,000/-

Last updated on 25 Jul, 2024 05:57 pm (IST)

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