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Support for Education Horizontal Impact

Nirmaan's comprehensive career development initiatives empower students with essential skills and guidance for a successful future. Through Career Guidance and Workshops, Career Saathi Program, Mobile Career Lab (MCL), Mobile Employment Van (MEV), Career Advancement Platform, and Vidhya Helpline (VHL) Program, we provide a holistic support system that includes goal setting, vocational exposure, mentorship, counseling, financial assistance, and access to employment opportunities. These programs create a transformative impact, ensuring students make informed choices, pursue their dreams, and unlock their full potential. In the financial year 2022-2023, we impacted 43,882 students through 118 projects.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

How is Nirmaan helping?

Nirmaan is dedicated to fostering the dreams and aspirations of students through a range of impactful career development initiatives. Our Career Guidance and Workshops program aims to equip students with essential life skills, imparting lessons in goal setting, the dignity of labor, vocational education, and exposure to diverse career paths. In addition, it provides comprehensive career counseling, guiding students toward their dream careers and reducing dropout rates. By connecting students to a tele- helpline center, we ensure continuous guidance, creating a safety net of support throughout their journey.

The Career Saathi Program and Scholarship program focuses on mentorship, offering holistic and skill- based guidance. Through personalized mentoring and career counseling, students receive valuable insights into their chosen paths, with tailored advice for both personal and parental concerns. Financial support and scholarships empower students to pursue further education, while capacity-building sessions, such as Achiever talks and exposure visits, offer motivation and real-world insights.

Our Mobile Career Lab (MCL) takes guidance directly to rural areas, making career counseling accessible to all. It provides not only counseling but also practical support, facilitating scholarship applications and offering psychometric tests for self-assessment. The Mobile Employment Van (MEV) enhances job readiness by connecting youth with employment opportunities and providing valuable information for higher education decisions.

Nirmaan's digital platforms, the Career Advancement Platform (CAP) and Vidhya Helpline (VHL) Program, further extend our reach. CAP serves as a comprehensive career guide, offering resources, mentorship, psychometric assessments, and information on scholarships and exams. VHL provides authentic information on scholarships, training, and opportunities, guiding students to realize their potential. Through these initiatives, Nirmaan empowers students with the tools to make informed choices, pursue their passions, and build a brighter future.