Support a family affected by a cyclone

Following the devastating Cyclone in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and partially in Telangana, Nirmaan is committed to helping the affected communities. Leveraging our experience in disaster relief across Karnataka (2009), Andhra Pradesh (2009 & 2014), Kerala (2018) and Telangana (Hyderabad - 2020, Bhadrachalam - 2022 & 2023), as well as technical knowledge of residents, we've developed an action plan to assist those in need.

Support for Inorbit Durgam Cheruvu Run 2024

After a successful 3 editions, the Inorbit team with is back with the 4th edition of the Inorbit Durgam Cheruvu Run (IDCR). Running the IDCR promises to be a satisfying and safe event. The race has been designed with several safety measures and are maintained without compromising on the thrill of a spectacular run.

Ration Distribution for Child Orphanages

We are raising funds for 2 orphanages and their strength is 200; total girls is 120 and boys is 80. Dry ration costs 1100 Rs for a month's worth of meals for one child.

Provide care for the aged in need

Studies show over 70% of senior citizens in India face abuse - verbal, physical, emotional and financial. They also live with deteriorating health conditions they cannot afford to treat.

Support for Mulugu and Warangal Flood Relief

In view of floods in Mulugu and Warangal, Nirmaan is implementing a project - "Operation Sahaaya 9.0" for immediate relief work to support the affected families.

Support for Botanical Gardens Tree Plantation

To create a greener and more sustainable Hyderabad by planting trees, fostering an environment that benefits future generations and leaves a positive legacy for years to come.

Support to Nutrition Kits for Children & Elderly

In India where access to proper nutrition remains a challenge for many, the importance of nutrition cannot be overstated. It plays a critical role in children's physical and cognitive development and the overall health and well-being of older adults. That is why we are dedicated to promoting the power of nutrition and making a difference through our Nutrition Kit Program.

Save One Rupee a Day

Nirmaan Organization, a registered NGO, has been at the forefront of driving positive change in India for the past 18 years. Our relentless efforts in the areas of Education, Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Health and Wellbeing, Community Development and Social Leadership have impacted the lives of over 2.5 million beneficiaries. With a dedicated team of 500+ full-time employees and a robust volunteer network of over 1,000 individuals, we have established ourselves as a catalyst for the social transformation.

Greenhope Kitchen Gardens Cultivating Health

The most vulnerable populations to climate change are children and women, more specifically, the girl child. However, it is also a young girl who is the greatest future savior of the planet. Nirmaan Green Hope - Kitchen Gardens initiative aims to create sustainable and educational spaces within schools for nurturing a greener future and empowering young minds. By implementing permaculture and organic farming principles, these gardens provide fresh, locally sourced fruits and vegetables for school meals while promoting ecological awareness among students.

Support to School Children for a Bright Future

Education is the cornerstone of a bright future, and every child deserves access to quality education regardless of their socioeconomic background. Unfortunately, many children in our region face immense challenges due to financial constraints, hindering their ability to acquire essential educational supplies. The lack of proper resources often leads to a significant disadvantage for these students, hampering their learning and academic progress.

Support Nirmaan in our endeavour to reach every person

Last few years while the impact created increased multi-fold and we hired talent on a need basis, we were with limited finances which left scope for strengthening our organization to sustain and scale up the impact. The organization grew in terms of team(500+ full timers) and the volunteers engaged in the work with beneficiaries to reach a stable level.

What is Operation Sahaya 8.0?

On June 2, 2023, a triple-train collision occurred in Odisha's Balasore district, India. The collision involved the Shalimar-Chennai Coromandel Express, a passenger train, and a goods train. The accident killed at least 288 people(and may further increase) and injured over 900. It is one of the deadliest train accidents in Indian history.

Help Daravath Suresh win for India

This is the story of a boy who is passionate about playing basketball and cricket. He has won many games at the national level. He is Daravath Suresh a boy from Rangundlla Thanda, Nagarjuna Sagar. He is a farmer’s son, got Polio and is disabled but this did not stop him from dreaming big and working hard to achieve them. As a child, he wanted to play cricket and basketball. Both of these were difficult to play at the beginning but with help and encouragement from his friends and family, he broke all odds and won his first national-level game at the 5th National Wheelchair Basketball Championship in Erode, Tamil Nadu, in 2018. The games were held in the month of September from 20th to 23rd, 23 states participated and he won fourth place representing Telangana. It was just the beginning of his journey to success. In the recent past, he played cricket matches which his team won. He played at the state level with three different states and won on behalf of Telangana, at Warangal District Arts & Science College. He won two titles ‘Player of the match' and ‘Best Bowler’.

Support Nirmaan Food Bank to help the people in hunger.

Food is the most basic requirement of any human being for survival. But it is painful to know that for many people it is a luxury to have food 3 times a day. Many of us have faced crisis during COVID mentally, financially and health wise and recovering gradually. But there are many people who are still struggling the crisis caused by COVID. They are orphans, PwD, old aged and mentally retarded people staying in shelter homes.

Support for Sonali

“Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep” Education is necessary and should be the basic right of every Individual. However, this is not true as many of our children are faced with hardships at a tender age. At the age where they should be learning, they are sent to work to earn a single meal a day. This is the story of Ms. Sonali Fedareshan Kamble. Where she is pursuing her Ph. D 1st year, at Neville Wadia Institute of Management Studies and Research, Pune

School Adoption Program Pilani

At Nirmaan, we are planning to transform 100 different schools in 100 different districts of the country to help them become a Sustainable Model School. Under School Adoption Program (SAP) , one of our educational projects in Pilani, our primary objective is to optimize the learning process at the government school in order to provide quality education to students along with a safe learning environment and to make this school a Sustainable Model School for Jhunjhunu District of Rajasthan.

Wheel chairs for PwD

Physical disability not only stops a person from going to places but also reduces their chances at their fundamental rights such as education employment. It also leads to other health issues such as pressure sores,progression of deformities,reduced respiration and digestion. A wheel chair can make the life of a PwD easy by promoting mobility and enables them to have a dignified life which is their fundamental right.


The Government home for the elderly and disabled women located in Moosarambagh, Hyderabad is maintained under the auspices of the Dept. for Welfare of Disabled & Senior Citizens, Govt . of Telangana. This is a home for about 100+ elderly women and women with disabilities.

Jhunjhunu District of Rajasthan Development

As part of our "National Giveback Project" Nirmaan is taking up various projects in different sectors like education, health and wellbeing, employment etc., in Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan, India.


Shiksha Ki Ore is a joint effort between Nirmaan and Santhusta Foundation to advance Early Childhood Education (ECE) as a mainstream opportunity amongst underserved communities in India. 90% of the human brain develops before the age of 5. Skills developed during this time serve as a multiplier and complement for later skills as an adult resulting in improved social skills and enhanced attention span.

India Floods Response 2022 (Qentelli)

This year various parts of our country are facing incessant rains and the resultant floods are wiping off not just people's livelihoods but also their homes.

Support Rehmath to Overcome these Difficulties.

Rehmathunnisa, a former beneficiary and current employee of the Nirmaan Organization, finds herself in an overwhelming financial crisis due to her husband's medical expenses and untimely demise. In this trying time, the Nirmaan family stands firmly beside Rehmath, providing invaluable moral and financial support. We humbly request you to join us in lending a helping hand to uplift Rehmath during this difficult phase.

Support Vasanthalakshmi for her Recovery

Vasanthalakshmi, an 18-year-old from an economically very backward family in Hyderabad, recently suffered a severe accident when she fell from the second floor of a building due to seizures. She has sustained bone fractures in her right leg and face and is currently undergoing treatment in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh.

Inorbit Durgam Cheruvu Run

Inorbit Durgam Cheruvu Run is organised annually to promote integration and nurture an inclusive India for the people with special needs/historically underrepresented. This is one of the few running events in India where participants run for inclusion and also where other runners with special needs have a separate run along side. Run For Inclusion will be a rallying call for people to come together and show their support towards integrating people with special needs.

Run for India - Kumari

Meet Kumari, an ordinary girl with an extraordinary dream of running for India at the next Olympic games.She holds 30 medals to her credit, at national and international levels. She hails from Koya Narsapuram, Bhadrachalam in Telangana. Her parents are farmers and cannot support this dream of their child as they are daily wage workers. She needs 15k per month for coaching. Please support Kumari’s goal and help us make India proud.

India Floods Response 2022(FactSet)

Nirmaan with the support from FactSet support the underprivileged communities. By setting up the DDI Labs (computer labs) in govt schools, impacting 150+ students every year and with Women in Technology program, training and placements provided to 600 under privileged graduate women to stand on their own feet

Help Indu pay for her cancer treatment

"Please help us save our only child. Our daughter is affected with bone cancer. She is unable to walk at any point of the day. We want to give her the best treatment possible but we are not in a position to afford the treatment. Please help, save a life."

India Floods Response 2022

This year various parts of our country are facing incessant rains and the resultant floods have wiped off not just people's livelihoods but also their homes. While we had started working for relief activities in the state of Assam, there was devastating news pouring in from states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar; hence we have expanded the scope of relief and rehabilitation intervention to across all these 7 states as "India Floods Relief Project" (Operation Sahaaya 7.0).

Help The Victims Of Fire Accident

A massive fire accident occured on Thursday night , 28th april 2022 at Mulugu district, Telangana. Due to this, the houses of 32 Telugu speaking tribal families (Aadivasis) were burnt totally. The affected families are from Shanigakunta village, Mangapeta mandal. This place is 330 Kilometers away from Hyderabad and shares the border with Chattisgarh state. Some of them were subsistent farmers and others were daily wage labourers.


When you have a family to care for and a home to look after, especially if you are the sole bread winner, work from home is a necessity not a choice. A sewing machine and training to be a seamstress can provide this “work from home” vocation to many a poor woman and help them be economically empowered and earn a living.

Your cycle can power her dream

Going to school should be a pleasure. But if your home is a distance away, walking to school can be a drudgery and worse- especially for girls. Imagine walking several miles every day to get to school with a heavy schoolbag on your shoulder. And the additional discomfort in summers or when it rains.


Imagine sitting all day on the floor while you pore over your book. Simple joy of schooling is to have a comfortable desk to sit on in class. And thousands of children don't have this basic. A Desk and Bench costing Rs. 3500 can give comfort and abiding self dignity to two children.