Name of the Institution:

Asha kuteer


About the institution:

Asha kuteer established 2013 with the vision of ensuring a safe and happy childhood for vulnerable children on streets and to help them access protection, education, nutrition and healthcare. More specifically, it focuses on girl-child to grow up in a secure and joyful environment where she can fully develop her talents in order to lead an independent life with dignity.

It currently takes care of 40 girls who are from underprivileged backgrounds – orphans, semi-orphans, street children, child labourers, school drop-outs. They work to secure the basic rights of the girl child through guaranteed education, nutrition, clothing, healthcare, recreation, love and support to ensure their reintegration into mainstream society. The girls are enrolled in regular school programs and age appropriate classes, usually after a short period of remedial teaching and buddy programs. They also support the girls with counselling, vocational training, life skills, music and dance classes, sports etc. which would support them to become skilled and confident.



All children sleep in dormitories, and with the upcoming winter season, they have need for sufficient warm clothing and blankets for 40 children of need grocery.


How Can You Support Us:

You can support us by donating the amount for any of the below particulars.

1Rice12 bagsRs 12000
2Dal70 KgsRs 8400
3Tamarind60 KgsRs 10800
4Refined Oil50 LtsRs 7500
5Sambar Masala20 PacketsRs 9600
6Chilli Powder6 KgsRs 1320
7Wheat Rawa50 KgsRs 2000
8Bombay Rawa40 KgsRs 1600
9Turmeric3 KgsRs 840
10Raagi floor30 KgsRs 2400


You may support the institution with the above mentioned items in 2 ways:

1. Donation through Amazon Wishlist: by ordering items online at this link: