Career Saathi Program

Career Saathi Program:

A selective student support program for the meritorious students but economically weak in assisting, mentoring and tracking them till successful employment. The support to each child ranges from administering a psychometric test, aiding in admission into the course of their choice, various bridge programs for medium switch, assistance in applications for higher studies, entrance exams, scholarships etc, equipping with employability skills etc.

The overall idea of the project is to groom each student into a productive employable resource.

Student Profiles :

Born and raised from lot of problems, due to lot of issues, both parents moved away to Maharashtra to earn. Currently, they are working on daily wages. Strong determined girl stays away from parents to achieve her goal.

NAME: Sunitha

LOCATION: Ganapur near Kulakacharla in Parigi Manda

FAMILY: 6. 3 Siblings

FINANCE: Mother and Father works on daily wages.

EDUCATION: Inter 2nd year. Scored 9.0 CGPA in SSC.

GOAL: To become a Civil Servant.

Sunitha born in a poor farmer family is academically strong and always dreams BIG in spite of the worries and challenges she has back home. Her parents had been into agriculture in their native lands but due to absence of rains they moved to Maharashtra and are working as farm labourers. The farming couple put together earns an average of Rs 600 per day that doesn’t fetch them enough to get their wards fed and educated. Due to the dire poverty, Sunitha also adds an earning hand by working on the farms on holidays. And since parents are away, all siblings are scattered into different govt hostels pursuing their education. All of the family meets just during the vacations. Sunitha completed her schooling with 9.0 CGPA in tenth class in a municipal school in her village. The high scores in her SSC secured her a seat in govt Gurukula, which provides free education and accommodation. Not just in education, she also actively participates in all co-curricular activities. She has a very strong desire to be a Civil Servant but evaluating her options of pursuing her education post 12th class also looks very bleak. However she still hopes that her strong desire will conspire to pave way for her into Civil Services. She says, that she had no childhood as she also works as a farm labourer from a young age, but wants to seek a job of her aspiration and gift a healthy and a happy old age to her parents.

Being the eldest child in her family, she also has the responsibility to support her family and also help her siblings in their education as well as get them married.  

  • NAME: Vennela
  • LOCATION: Ramareddy, Kamareddy district
  • FINANCEParents are Farmers
  • EDUCATIONScored 8.2 CGPA in SSC
  • GOALEngineering
  • SCHOOL: Kasturba Gandhi Baalikala Vidyalayam


In the beginning of the year, she felt homesick as she was studying in a different district. She was also worried as she got her admission in the college very late. At present, her mother is also unwell and her father is planning to move to Dubai for work, so it becomes her responsibility to support her family. Her father also has loans close to 4, 00,000. Also, she is concerned on how to take Eamcet coaching and buy relevant books as she is planning to do her engineering. Though she applied, she hasn’t received her scholarship. She is finding it difficult to understand Maths as it isn’t well explained in her college. Inspite of the problems, she is working hard to  have a successful career.

In spite of health concerns of the family members and low earnings, Jagan is aspiring to be a civil servant and working towards it.

  • NAME: M. Jagan
  • LOCATION: Mysigandi village, RR dist
  • FAMILY & SIBLINGS: 5; 2 Siblings
  • FINANCEFather is a lorry driver
  • EDUCATIONScored 8.8 CGPA in SSC
  • GOALCivil services

Jagan is an ambitious young student who is willing to work hard to realize his dream of becoming an IAS officer. Inspite of health concerns of  his mother and also other family members regularly, he is undeterred by them and is working hard to achieve his dream. He is currently looking to hone his computer skills and also looking for guidance to crack the EAMCET exam. Though the family supports him, there are always health and financial concerns which he needs to take care of other than concentrating on his studies.